1. Title The 5th Symposium on Biorelevant Chemistry CSJ
-The 26th Symposium on Biofunctional Chemistry
-The 14th Biotechnology Symposium
-The 14th Biomolecular Chemistry Symposium
-The 8th Symposium on Host-Guest Chemistry
2. IYC interests @Increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry
AEncourage interest of young people in chemistry
BGenerate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry
CCelebrate the role of women in chemistry
3. Short description This domestic symposium is aimed to develop and activate the field of biorelevant chemistry including biofunctional chemistry, biotechnology, etc. Invited lectures, oral presentations and poster presentations will be given by professors, researchers and students.
4. Audience professional chemists, industrial chemists, professors, graduate students, post graduate students, students, women chemists, research scientists
5. Topic chemistry, biotechnology,
6. Long description Title of Events: The 5th Symposium on Biorelevant Chemistry CSJ
Session: September 12th-14th, 2011
Venue : Tsukuba International Congress Center gEPOCHAL TSUKUBAh ( 2-20-3,Takezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0032, Japan)
Organizers: Division of Biofunctional Chemistry, Division of Biotechnology, e-Division of Biofunctional Chemistry and Biotechnology, Forum on Biomolecular Chemistry, Association of Research for Host-Guest and Supramolecular Chemistry
Co-Organizers: The Chemical Society of Japan, The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, The Society of Polymer Science, The Electrochemical Society of Japan, The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Tsukuba Research Center for Interdisciplinary Materials Science (TIMS)
Important Dates:
2011/06/20 Deadline for Registration of Presentation
2011/07/19 Deadline for Abstract
2011/07/29 Deadline for Registration of Participation
Conference Fee : Member : 6,000 yen(general), 4,000 yen,(students)
Non- Member : 8,000 yen(general), 5,000 yen(students)
Symposium web site: http://jointsympo.csj.jp
e-mail : nabesima@chem.tsukuba.ac.jp ; biojoint@chem.tsukuba.ac.jp URL: http://jointsympo.csj.jp
7. Sponsors Division of Biofunctional Chemistry, Division of Biotechnology

8. Contact detail

Name:Dr Tatsuya Nabeshima
Organization or affiliations:Graduate School of Pure and Applied Sciences, University of Tsukuba
Phone :+81-29-853-4507