1. Title Periodic table quiz & display of Books about chemistry
2. IYC interests @Increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry
AEncourage interest of young people in chemistry
BGenerate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry
CCelebrate the role of women in chemistry
3. Short description I try to get the students interest by informing them about the periodic table quiz. This game should make the children become more interested in chemistry.
4. Audience Secondary schools students & teachers
5. Topic chemistry education, reference
6. Long description Title: Periodic table quiz & display of Books about chemistry
Schedule: 4/11-6/15
Venue: Asahi junior high school Library
Place: Yotsukaido
Scope: student 369, teacher 30
7. Sponsors

8. Contact detail

Name:Ms. Nobue Koyasu
Organization or affiliations:Yotsukaido Asahi junior high school
Phone :+81-043-423-8451
Country,City:Janan,Yotsukaido city