1. Title STN User Meeting
2. IYC interests @Increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry
AEncourage interest of young people in chemistry
BGenerate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry
CCelebrate the role of women in chemistry
3. Short description Annual update seminar for STN, a database service covering worldwide scientific and technical information. Enhancements made in the past year will be presented to promote the use of STN.
4. Audience professional chemists, industrial chemists, research scientists, patent searchers, etc.
5. Topic seminars
6. Long description Title of Events: STN User Meeting
Schedule: June 3-15, 2011
Venue & Place:
June 3, 2011 Ibaraki(Tsukuba) Tsukuba Kenkyushien-Center
June 7, 2011 Tokyo Belle Salle Jimbocho
June 8, 2011 Tokyo Belle Salle Jimbocho
June 10, 2011 Toyama Toyama Kenmin Kaikan
June 14, 2011 Osaka(Toyonaka) Senri Life Science Center
June 15, 2011 Hiroshima Hotel New Hiroden
Scope: Seminar for Information Professionals, Research Chemists, etc.,ca. 350 people (above 6 place, in total)
a. Enhancements of CAS Files on STN
b. Enhancements of Patent Files on STN
c. Enhancements of Pharma/Medical files on STN
d. Frequently Asked Questions to the helpdesk
7. Sponsors Japan Association for International Chemical Information

8. Contact detail

Name:Mr Shigeo Tsuyama
Organization or affiliations:Japan Association for International Chemical Information
Phone :+81-3-5978-3608