1. Title Science Lecture 2011: Learn about chemicals around us
2. IYC interests ● @Increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry
● AEncourage interest of young people in chemistry
○ BGenerate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry
○ CCelebrate the role of women in chemistry
3. Short description 6 chemical experiments including "light and chemistry", "manufacture original erasers", "electrolysis and cell experiment with ordinary substances", "make a fruit fragrance", "make your own color", and "observe color change by chemical reaction".
4. Audience Secondary school student
5. Topic Hands-on activities of chemical experiments
6. Long description Title: Science Lecture 2011: Learn about chemicals around us
Scope: Science course will be held for secondary school students to learn about chemicals around us while enjoying chemical experiments.
Schedule and Program:
2011/7/ 29(Fri.) 9:30〜16:00
      "light and chemistry" and "manufacture original erasers"
2011/7/30(Sat.) 10:00〜16:00
      "electrolysis and cell experiments with ordinary substances"
      and "make a fruit fragrance"
2011/7/31 (Sun.) 10:00〜16:00
      "make your own color" and "observe color change
       by chemical reaction"
Venue &Place: Fukuoka University of Education
      1-1 Akamabunkyomachi, Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture
      811-4192 Japan
Participants: Secondary school students (capacity of 30)
Web Site: https://www.fukuoka-edu.ac.jp/event/details.php?id=42
      (in Japanese)
7. Sponsors Education committees of Fukuoka Prefecture and Munakata City

8. Contact detail

Name:Masaaki HARADA
Organization or affiliations:Fukuoka University of Education
Phone :+81-940-35-1362