1. Title The IYC International Womenfs Networking Event in Japan
2. IYC interests @Increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry
AEncourage interest of young people in chemistry
BGenerate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry
CCelebrate the role of women in chemistry
3. Short description Gender Equality Committee of CSJ will be held to celebrate IYC.
The key aim is to discuss the promotion and networking of young scientists with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Marie Curiefs Novel Price in chemistry.
4. Audience Committee members, Young research scientists
5. Topic Meeting and IYC celebrating Tea party
6. Long description The Gender Equality Committee of CSJ will discuss gMessages from societies to activate your life toward gender equal society g, a planning symposium title, which will be held at the 91st Annual Meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan organized by Gender Equality Committee of CSJ.
In the afternoon tea party, we celebrate 100th anniversary of Marie Curiefs Novel Prize in chemistry and also two Japanese Nobel laureates Prof. E. Negishi and Prof. A. Suzuki in chemistry 2010.
Date: 18, January 2011
Place: The Chemical Society of Japan, Tokyo
7. Sponsors Chemical Society of Japan (CJS) and Gender Equality Committee of CSJ

8. Contact detail

Name:Prof. Emeritus, Ph. D Masako Sasaki
Organization or affiliations:Gender Equality Committee of Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ)
Phone :+81-3-3292-6163