1. Title Produce a card game, gCHEMISTRY QUESTh, and hold related events
2. IYC interests œ ‡@Increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry
œ ‡AEncourage interest of young people in chemistry
› ‡BGenerate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry
› ‡CCelebrate the role of women in chemistry
3. Short description Create and promote gCHEMISTY QUESTh, an academic card game based on chemical bond, which was produced by an elementary student. Host events at cafe in Shinjyuku, Tokyo, for learning and enjoying chemistry using the card game.
4. Audience Elementary students to general public, about 1000 people
5. Topic chemistry education ,@workshops, educational materials
6. Long description CHEMISTRY QUEST (2011/8/28-2011/12/28)
Establish a regular event space for playing gCHEMISTRY QUESTh at a newly opening cafe in Shinjyuku, Tokyo gLEAVEANEST Cafe•Diningh for family and general public. We will also hold an event in which people can try out gCHEMISTRY QUESTh.
The card game was produced by Yuito Yoneyama, who is in 6th grade in elementary student. Mr. Yoneyama established a company on July, 21st, 2011, for producing CHMISTRY QUEST.
CHMISTRY QUEST features many different kinds of chemical bonds. Each player strives to make as many chemical bonds during a play, and a player who created the most number of chemical bonds win the game. Mr. Yoneyama originally came up with the initial idea and the card game when he was in the 3rd grade in elementary school. The card game has been improved since then, and this time he decided to commercialize the product. CHMISTRY QUEST not only features chemical bonds using carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, but also catalyst that facilitates the bonding process and noble gas that prevents elements from bonding, closely corresponding to the actual chemical bonding process to enhance the game element. He hopes that many people will rediscover an interest in chemistry through playing this card game.
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Name:Mr. Daigo Fujita
Organization or affiliations:Leave a Nest Co.,Ltd.
Phone :+81-3-6277-8041